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About Shinage

Shenzhen Shinage Electronics Co., Ltd., located in the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen Nanshan hi tech park, is an independent research and development design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

The company independent research and development of restaurant customers wireless positioning system is the company uses RFID wireless radio frequency technology, for fast food restaurant, casual dining room, coffee shop features independent research and development and production of customer wireless positioning system, is domestic first, the system is fast and accurate, easy to operate, in the country has more than 800 restaurants use, greatly improving the efficiency and economic benefits of catering enterprises.The company is committed to the development and application of RFID technology, the restaurant wireless positioning system is developed using RFID wireless RF technology, aiming at fast food restaurants and leisure style restaurant features and complex research and development and production of wireless positioning system, the system has stable performance, accurate positioning, convenient operation and installation, is a national initiative. The product design, from the first generation to the fifth generation system to fill the domestic blank of products available, always maintain a practical and interesting design concept; installation and use in various forms including thousands of Taiwan area within the restaurant, restaurant and greatly improves the efficiency and economic benefit, get the market Fully affirmed.

Companies adhere to the independent research and development of business ideas, basic honesty, steady and enterprising business philosophy, with a pragmatic attitude, diligent and enterprising spirit, and constantly self innovation, maintaining industry-leading advantages, to achieve the company, customers, employees win-win situation.